About Us

Challenges carefully designed to bring out the
different skillsets in a student

Our Story 

Every problem brings out an idea. Our’s is simple: we aim to construct a student community where they can explore the world and learn what they love.

StudyTact is building a student-centric learning environment that helps students with school education, as well as provide them our interest-based learning. We encourage students to learn what they love, since their potential increases with effective guidance in the right direction .

Our platforms serves as a bus service that drives students to the arena where they find passion, purpose, and empowerment in their ambition. StudyTact provides them with practical and theoretical education. Unlike other platforms, StudyTact doesn’t matter follow the benchmarks of traditional education. We majorly focus on the new paradigm created by the requirements of students, passion of teachers and sentiments of guardians. Alternate education opens the window for multiple creative fields and we being them to you.

Lifelong learning

We in sight for the education that values empathy, empowers thinking and celebrates creativity. The world that is changing faster than ever, students can develop the agency to drive their own learning for life.

That’s why, we believe that when you give people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen. Together, we will transform education by helping every teacher, parent and student to live and create an incredible journey of their own.

Our Values

Students first

Our purpose is to serve students and make positive impact on the lives of the students

Preparation meets opportunity

We push our team to exemplify growth mindset and go beyond delivering what works

Transparent environment

Share information, victories and mistakes

Happiness and Humility

We practice humility and we are grateful for the work our team does to transform the lives of the student

Make an Impact

Take initiative, believe there is a solution and achieve your goals

Our Team is growing!

Come join us and let's transform
the education together

It’s incredibly rewarding mission when you bring joy in a student’s life. StudyTact is built around the idea of helping every student reach their potential. Become a part of StudyTact team!

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